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1. trafik - 12 Ноября, 2014 - 12:09:42

C 2010 года ряд американских университетов разрабатывает концепцию адресации и маршрутизации трафика не по IP адресам, а по имени. По сути дела это может быть уже некий Internet3, так как текущая сеть уже почти на 20% переходит на новую адресацию IPv6, и еще годами, постепенно будет к ней привыкать. Но уже появляются новые идеи, которые требуют проработки.

Подробнее: http://named-data.net/

The Named Data Networking (NDN) project aims to develop a new Internet architecture that can capitalize on strengths - and address weaknesses - of the Internet's current host-based, point-to-point communication architecture in order to naturally accommodate emerging patterns of communication. By naming data instead of their locations, NDN transforms data into a first-class entity. The current Internet secures the data container. NDN secures the contents, a design choice that decouples trust in data from trust in hosts, enabling several radically scalable communication mechanisms such as automatic caching to optimize bandwidth. The project studies the technical challenges that must be addressed to validate NDN as a future Internet architecture: routing scalability, fast forwarding, trust models, network security, content protection and privacy, and fundamental communication theory. The project uses end-to-end testbed deployments, simulation, and theoretical analysis to evaluate the proposed architecture, and is developing specifications and prototype implementations of NDN protocols and applications. NDN Technical Report NDN-0001 "Named Data Networking (NDN) Project" is a slightly modified version of the NDN project proposal.

Лекция Gene Tsudik поясняющая концепцию NDN: